Video Tutorials

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Intro: Thawing Techniques

Learn how to par-cook your burrito from frozen (basically, start to thaw it in microwave so that you can cook it quicker) and learn the details about thawing in the refridgerator overnight.

Panini Press

Learn how to use a panini press (or George Foreman Grill) to grill your burrito into a toasty treat.

Pan Fry (Chimichangas)

Transform burritos into golden chimichangas. Fastest chimi recipe in the west!

Oven (Enchiladas)

Learn how to cook one or many burritos in the oven. Then, discover how to turn your burritos into smothered enchiladas.


Learn the secret techniques for preserving the integrity of that insainely tasty tortilla while making your burrito instantly hot and delicious in the microwave.