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“Recycle –> Reuse –> Rethink.”

We’ve all heard the phrase…and I’d venture to say most of us hit the first two: we “recycle,” we “reuse.”  But are we “rethinking?”

The EVOL Sustainability Team’s recent tour of Boulder’s Eco-Cycle Recycling Plant prompted me to think: What do we really know and think about recycling?  Am I thinking enough about my impact on a daily basis?  What does “rethinking” mean to me?  Furthermore…is “think” even a word anymore since it’s starting to sound funny?  :)

The team was privileged to tour Boulder’s Eco-Cycle facilities, guided by Leigh, their Community Campaign Coordinator.  Our first stop…CHaRM.

CHaRM = Center for Hard to Recycle Materials.  It opened in 2001 and was the first facility of its kind in the nation (now there are ~3 others). CHaRM collects unusable materials like electronics and plastic bags for recycling and reuse.

I was surprised by not only the variety of products they collect, but the way in which they recycle them, as well.  For example, they collect cooking oil which can be used as biodiesel.  They collect old cords…the metal inside = scrap metal. Old TV’s, printers, vacuums, small household appliances?  All of their parts can be broken down to harvest the recyclable materials and responsibly dispose of hazardous substances, such as lead or mercury, which could contaminate ground water when landfilled.

Eco-Cycle’s work to make all of this happen is truly impressive.  Providing the facility is only one step; they have done and continue to do their homework to understand how they can responsibly recycle materials they collect (i.e. they recycle all of their electronics domestically).  Their efforts to “rethink” recycling lends to achieving their goal of adding one category per year for Boulder residents to recycle.  Scope out CHaRM’s awesome, informative website!

Our next stop…the Single Stream Recycling Center.  Single Stream Recycling allows consumers to put all recyclable products into one disposal bin. Waste such as plastic, paper, glass, metal and electronics is later sorted by machines at the main recycling center and recycled for further use as another product.


Before seeing the operations first-hand, we watched an educational video starring Mr. Can, who explained what we’d be seeing…and WOW, was it helpful!  Fortunately for you, the video is available on-line so you can see what it’s all about, too!

Eco-Cycle’s state-of-the-art facility was much like CHaRM – impressive and eye-opening.  All of us agreed seeing the recyclables in such mass made us think (there’s that word again) of our use and how we could make a difference, not only in our personal lives, but at EVOL, as well.  As a manufacturer, it is our duty to act responsibly, transparently and to minimize our footprint.  The Sustainability Team, aka the “Responsibility rEVOLution,” is devoted to understanding our business in its current state and thinking of and implementing ways to improve.


As a consumer, we owe it to ourselves and our world to rethink; to learn more about recycling and how we can make simple differences every day.  Eco-Cycle does a wonderful, thorough job of providing literature on their website…the knowledge is at your fingertips…and the time to rethink is NOW!


Happy Recycling!




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This past weekend I visited a friend in the middle of Missouri.  I wanted to visit for two reasons: to connect with my friend and to learn more about Dancing Rabbit – an eco-village.

So what is an eco-village?  Dancing Rabbit’s mission is to, “to encourage their sustainable society to grow to have the size and recognition necessary to have an influence on the global community by example, education, and research.”  This video is a good introduction –

The first thing I noticed on my drive north from Saint Louis was that almost every farm I saw was either growing soybeans or corn.  I have been learning (I am on a team that purchases the raw ingredients we use at EVOL) about how most of the processed food we eat comes mainly from corn and soy, but it really sank in during my drive.  In my opinion, it is not sustainable to rely on only 2 crops – it is a hugely petroleum intensive system that requires lots of pesticides and makes processed, un-healthy food cheap.  Nature tends to like diversity.

Corn and soybeans as far as I could see…

The endless sea of boring, never-ending corn and soybeans was a stark contrast to Dancing Rabbit.  A few of the diverse things I experienced at Dancing Rabbit were:

Moving the “chicken tractor,” so that the chickens could naturally provide fertilizer in-between the rows of apple trees

Going to the neighbor’s organic dairy to drink the best milk I have ever tasted (and getting to pet a cow – one of my life goals!)

Watching a couple build their extremely thick roof that will have a garden to feed themselves on top of it

Listening to the calming whir of the windmill that powers most of the villages homes

Eating a freshly prepared meal of home-made hummus, hot sauce, and vegetables from the garden around the table with new friends

Having easily deep conversations with some of  residents as everyone pitched in to clean up their community

The best milk ever!

While the community isn’t fully sustainable (their economy and food supply aren’t self sustaining yet, and they still rely on the outside world) they are doing many things that just felt better to me.  I  left my experience at Dancing Rabbit, feeling more connected to myself, others, and nature, and while I am not planning on moving tomorrow, I do look forward to incorporating more of the lifestyle into my everyday life.

One of the naturally built, off-grid homes


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I EVOL Tuscany

by on July 13, 2012

I’ve just returned from a week in San Gimignano, Italy, and already, the food withdrawal is driving me mad! I need a heavy dose of basil right now!

Tuscany turned out to be an amazing and inspiring first trip to Europe for me. The Old World artistry exuded from every aspect of this renown region. Things are made to last (and leave a lasting impression).

Without a doubt, the food on this trip was a definite highlight. Every restaurant seemed to out-do the previous… this wasn’t competition, it was everyday life. Stand-out dishes included simple salads with reduced balsamic, lasagna made with crepes, gnocchi & fresh pesto, pizza rustica, rabbit and aged steak.

And the charm of the quaint villages with rolling fields of grapes, olives and wheat was so inviting. While the locals were extremely kind, gracious & helpful.

Sightseeing provided some exercise, and day trips to Rome, Florence and Pisa were unforgettable. Craftsmanship really stood out in the magnificent culture, and really instilled a passion & dedication for mastery.

From the detail in the duomos and basilicas, to the exquisite local vino e olio; and from meticulously-planted vigneti & oliveti to the aromatic odori in the Mercato Centrale, the knowledge and tradition from centuries of skill is distinct.

Those sensations and memories may be starting to fade, but that week has left a lasting impression. (My taste buds and) I will truly remember how much I really EVOL’d Tuscany. Tutte bene!

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Unleash The Kraken

by on June 28, 2012

June 27th began like any other day in the life of burrito sales. The weather was hot, the burritos were delicious, and it just so happened to be bike to work day. I had no idea that by the end of this date in history I would win an entire case of Justin’s Nut Butter peanut butter cups by creating something fit for a Texan, perhaps even a king.

I have to go back a few weeks in time to make sense of all of this; I have to start from the beginning. Our sourcing department is constantly searching out new, premium ingredients for our existing and new products. This is what allows us to bring you such a high quality product for an affordable price. The process leaves the office with a LOT of ingredients that end up in the freezer. In order to use up these ingredients and make some room in the freezers the idea of a “creative plate-off” was conceived. The concept was simple, “How can you add to or change an existing EVOL product and cook it in a new and exciting way?” This was, at first, very hard for some of us to get our heads around. How could one possibly improve on perfection? For this reason the first attempt at a creative plate-off was a flop. No one around the office could figure out what to do, but the sourcing team was diligent. Salem and Allen knew that this idea was sound and that there was creativity around the office. They believed in us when no one else did.

One day after the flop, inspiration struck like lightning (the fire in Boulder was not started by this lightning). I had my idea and my idea was epic. I knew I had to get to work right away; the planning, logistics and implementation of this epic meal was going to take the full two weeks I had.

Let’s fast forward to June 27th. The day of the competition was upon us and four of us had come to play. No one knew (except for Scott) that we had procured a secret weapon the night before–a deep fryer. The rest of the office filed into the kitchen and the competition kicked off like a very boring episode of Chopped. Allen, our purchasing manager, was first up to the plate and what he brought to the table was delicious. Digging through the freezer, Allen came across some sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. After googling how to make a 4 cheese pizza better, Allen discovered he could add a fifth cheese for mind blowing flavor. A little goat cheese here and sun dried tomatoes there and the Pizzeria Allen (please pronounce in a thick Italian accent) was born. Allen had a simple yet logical idea and often times simple is the way to go. Unfortunately simple couldn’t hold its own in a creative plate-off though the flavor was outstanding.

A delicious 4 Cheese Basil Pizza with added goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Next up was our Supply Chain Coordinator, Salem. Salem was the true mastermind behind this event and his concept exemplified his creativity in plating food. When I think of a baked potato my mind usually does not go to burrito, but if you source potatoes for burritos I could see how this idea made sense. Thus, the breakfast burritato was born. Salem painstakingly split a cooked breakfast burrito down the middle, making sure to uphold the integrity of our delicious tortillas. After the burrito had a cavity for goodness the goodness came. Salem loaded the already breathtaking burrito with sour cream, chives and bacon. The sight of this made me tremble. “Was my idea good enough…?” I questioned to myself.

A breakfast burrito loaded with all the fixins’

There was one more contestant before it was my time; one more creation to get through before I could unleash the kraken. My secret weapon warmed silently in the corner and the smell of hot oil wafted through the air. I began to sweat, I think mostly due to the hot smelly oil, but also because of what Scott did next. From out of nowhere Scott, our associate brand manager, approached the hot oil and plopped in his bacon wrapped turbo breakfast bomb, “The Heart Attack”. How could he do this to me? How could Scott utilize the resource I brought in in order to usurp me? My emotions ran wild as the burrito boiled in the hot oil, crisping the hickory smoked bacon and toasting the burrito like a chimichanga. Once the burrito was done Scott had the audacity to cut a fresh avocado and gingerly lay it across the top. Needless to say, the burrito was delicious. Who doesn’t like bacon, sausage and fried? I was scared but there was nothing I could do but wipe the sweat from my brow and step up. It was time to see if weeks of planning had paid off.

Bacon wrapped sausage egg & cheese deep fried and topped with avocado!

The Kraken: A mythical beast so fierce it took a demigod to put down. The Kraken was the inspiration for the EVOL creation I had masterminded. Nothing could beat this, not bacon, not burritatos, not pizza. It would take a demigod and fortunately for me, there were none in the office this day. I approached the hot oil and stood before my ingredients. The Earth trembled a bit as I began to cut a pizza to size; trimming off the edges to shape it more to a square. Meanwhile a beef burrito spent some time in the microwave, just enough to get it warm. I took the burrito and carefully wrapped the 4 cheese pizza around it, securing it with skewers. The Earth trembled yet again as I pulled a flour mixture and a beer from my bag. The crowd gasped as I cracked the beer (rest assured it was not to calm the nerves). It was a necessary component for the beer batter the monster was about to bathe in. I fully submerged the beast in the batter; making sure to fill every possible crack with the glorious liquid then dunked it into the fiery pool of bubbling oil. After about 6 minutes the room began to shake violently and the lid exploded from the fryer (not really…). The Kraken arose.
I had not done a test run, the planning phase left no time. Thankfully my precise calculations were correct. The Kraken was born and the taste was outstanding. There were layers of crispy, layers of cheese, and a core of delicious Niman beef core in our shredded beef burrito. The office slayed the beast and voting ensued. After careful deliberation by at least 10 voters it was time to tally the count; the Kraken had taken the cake, or should I say, cups. Who would have thought that such an insane creation could be so delicious? Me, that’s who.

Burrito wrapped in a pizza, beer battered and deep fried.





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As part of our annual company objectives, each EVOL employee is required to spend time performing community service.

Christian & Ryan from EVOL with Lindsay from the School Food Project at University Hill Elementary in Boulder

We partnered with the GROWE Foundation a few years ago, and we have been proud to help them achieve their goals of educating children about food, eating and the environment through the execution of experiential learning programs built around the installation and maintenance of on-site gardens at schools.  When the folks from GROWE asked us to help the School Food Project participate in Rainbow Days, a program in which schools harvest lettuce from their own school gardens, serve them in cafeterias, and encourage children to eat at least three different colored vegetables during lunchtime, we jumped at the chance.

The school gardens grow all different species and colors of lettuce - not the standard commodity stuff that comes out of a bag from a distributor

Myself and a couple of team members from the Ops Dept headed to to University Hill Elementary where we helped cafeteria cooks and the School Food Project staff encourage and serve lettuce to the kids.  It was so inspiring!  The kids were really into it and to be honest, getting them to eat veggies didn’t take much encouragement!  Their salad bar is beautiful, and I couldn’t help but think back to what it was like growing up on that crap prison food in the LA Unified School District in the ’80’s when I was a kid.  What a difference!  We never had fresh vegetables like that – and the concept of the greens having come from a on-site school garden would have been laughable at the time.

All BVSD Schools have salad bars at their cafeterias

There’s still a long way to go on solving the national school lunch program, but watching little kids interact with a salad bar stocked with lettuce that they proudly grew themselves is a step in the right direction.

All BVSD schools use locally produced organic milk from Organic Valley - Yay!

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