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Making a difference is cool. But it doesn’t always have to involve wielding a picket sign, joining a flash mob, or living out of a cardboard box in lower Manhattan. After all, most of us have jobs where they’re real sticklers about people actually showing up. Plus, there are social networks to update, sports to play, and roughly nine million amazing shows unfolding simultaneously on premium cable. Also, there are these things called kids. With all of that going on, there’s hardly time to hork down a burrito, let alone change the world. But maybe horking down a burrito could change the world. Not, like, the whole world. Just the part that says convenient food can’t be good.


When did frozen food stop having food as an ingredient? Nowadays, most packaging in the frozen food section reads like the periodic table of elements. That might be okay if we were all a bunch of science wizards. But the last time we checked, chemistry teachers were still grading on a curve. Food should make up the majority of what you’re eating – stuff like antibiotic-free meat, vegetables, spices and whole grains. The kind of food your grandparents grew right in their own backyard. We’re pretty sure they didn’t raise modified chicken powder or plant rows of partially hydrogenated soybeans. When you pick up our bean, rice and cheddar burrito, it will actually have beans, rice and cheddar inside. That’s the least we can do.


Our ingredients are pretty amazing. That’s because we hired a woman named Heather who does nothing but seek out the best farmers all over the world. Seriously. It might be her favorite hobby. Thanks to her, we get our eggs from a farm where the chickens are happy and cage-free. And our beef and pork come from the best cattle ranchers in the country. In fact, some of them still ranch the old-fashioned way, by driving their herds on horseback high into the mountains to graze naturally. Even our hogs are allowed to roam in open spaces. That sounds a lot better than living in a cramped dorm room with a garage sale mini-fridge.


Some people think they’re the world’s best tasting green chiles. That’s why they’re the only ones we use in our egg & green chile burrito. Authentic Hatch chiles. They’re grown in Hatch, New Mexico – a small town where the population is that of an average American high school, and the soil and weather conditions just happen to be perfect for growing, you guessed it, green chiles. Once they’re lightly roasted to unleash a deep, smoky flavor, they turn into something absolutely magical. Be careful though. The same “some people” who think they’re the world’s best also think they’re pretty addictive.


Freezing used to be a way to miraculously preserve perishable foods. It still is. But somewhere along the way, frozen food got a bad name. Maybe it’s because we started to freeze everything, like batteries, panty hose and disturbingly symmetrical “Salisbury steaks.” Well, we think freezing is still pretty amazing. So, we’re making it cool again by freezing fresh, simple ingredients in order for busy people to eat better, healthier food whenever they want. Oh, if you’re wondering who the old guy is up above, that’s Bredo Morstoel. He’s been frozen solid in a shed outside Nederland, Colorado since about 1993. And we’re pretty sure he’s gonna be awesome when he thaws out. Bredo. Burrito. Coincidence? We think not.


For decades this little box was a godsend, heating up our food in a matter of seconds. Then some hot shot trying to make a name for himself installed a wood fired oven in his restaurant and set us back a million years. Today, it’s not enough to heat up food. Fire has to scorch the bottom of it in order for people to believe it’s good. Sure, fire is great if you’re at the Renaissance Festival tossing back your third giant turkey leg. But no one is going to use fire to heat up a quick meal. “Oh, sorry Bob. I can’t make the 1 o’clock meeting. I can’t leave my fire unattended.” The microwave is still the fastest way to cook food. And if you put something good inside of it, chances are whatever comes out will be good, too. Just a lot warmer.


If you’re like us, there’s this thing that happens when you watch movies about super-villains with subterranean lairs. When they show all the minions, in matching jumpsuits, outfitting submarines in sea caves, or activating the retractable volcano roof, you don’t think, “they must be stopped.” It’s more, “that looks kind of awesome.” There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just more fun to subvert things than it is to play by the rules. Especially when what you’re subverting is a food system that believes convenience and quality are mutually exclusive.
Go to evolfoods.com/minions and enter unique secret password to join and get some minion gear. You don’t actually have to get a unique secret password. “Unique secret password” IS the password.


Truffles may grow on the damp forest floor in some pretty hard-to-see places, but our supplier knows the trick to finding the perfect cooking truffles that are hidden away in the European countryside. Olfactory-gifted dogs. A pack of highly trained, scent-tracking dogs sniff out these delicate and rare treasures and, luckily for us, aren’t at all interested in eating them. It’s an old tradition we think is pretty cool. But quite honestly, we wouldn’t care if a bunch of hamsters sniffed them out of the woods. Whatever it takes. They’re just that delicious.


With most things in life, there’s a hard and fast rule: nothing worthwhile comes easy. So “making it happen” generally translates to working your ass off. But if you overturn the status quo, life can get wonderfully weird in a hurry. When mouthwatering amalgams of thoughtfully sourced chicken and beef, organic beans, vegetables, and authentic, flavorful sauces can emerge from a garden-variety microwave oven, who’s to say what’s what? Up is down. Down is up. Frozen food is forward thinking. And good is EVOL.

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