Green Manufacturing

Composting: Office, Plant & Packaging
All compostable waste generated at EVOL HQ is collected in biodegradable bags and handed off to local nonprofit, Eco-Cycle. Even better, our manufacturing plant donates all leftover food waste to local farmers. It’s used as compost in the fields and as all-natural feed for livestock. Best of all, we use a compostable bowl for our entrees. This thing is awesome: It is made from natural agricultural byproduct which come from rapidly renewable resources.

Recycling: Office, Plant & Packaging
Of course we recycle our office paper, plastic containers and aluminum cans, but we also recycle the hard stuff like tomato drums and plastic bags at the plant. We are also proud of our food packaging which uses 100% recyclable cardboard for our boxes and containers (we strive to use board that has been made with over 35% post-consumer waste content).

Energy: Renewable Wind-e
We are really good about turning the lights off and not standing in front of the freezer with the door open, but the reality is, we use a lot of electricity. To offset what we use, we buy one Wind-e Renewable Energy credit for every kilowatt hour of electricity we use. These credits help to fund the installation of wind turbines in high-wind areas throughout the Midwest and West.