For years I have wanted to visit the Salumi Artisinal Cured Meat Shop in Seattle, co-founded by Armandino Batali – celebrity chef Mario Batali’s father.  I have read about this place in a variety of foodie mags and finally had the priveledge of visiting the shop on a business trip to Seattle.

The mixed Salami Platter and Porchetta Sandwich at Salumi in Seattle

We got lucky as we arrived on Gnochi day – this is the day where Grandma sits in the windowsill hand-making beautiful gnochi as the line out the door grows for hungry customers waiting to enjoy a special lunch.

Grandma takes a break from making gnocchi to speak with a customer at Salumi in Seattle

We enjoyed a platter of salami as well as a Porchetta Sandwich (slow cooked roasted pork with spices, onions, and peppers).  The salami was absolutely the best I have ever had.  The slices were thin and chewy – perfectly cured and flavored with unique spices.  One of the salami’s had ginger and cardamom in it – it was delicious!  They had such an incredible selection of different types of autnentic Italian Meats such as Guanciale (cured pork jowel) and lamb prosciuto.

If you ever find yourself in Seattle, get yourself to Salumi’s – it is an incredible eating experience that is rarely found these days.

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  1. Amelia says:

    Oh I am sooo jealous but you have given me yet another reason to head back to the west coast for a visit. Thanks for all you do to make good food that is fast and healthy. I have type 1 diabetes and love the evol foods are good for me and my diabetes.

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